Meet dayalines

Yannie Álvarez artistically known as "dayalines" is a local Oregonian artist. She is a Latina (Mexican-American) who has struggled with balancing identity and making her family proud. Both which have heavily influenced her life. 

The majority of her work consists of colorful  portraits but balances this aspect of her life by creating digital artworks in Black and White. Over this past year, she has been exploring subjects and landed on creating pet portraits. For now, she wants to focus on these to eventually work with animal rescues to bring awareness and help fundraise.

About her work she says 

"I look for inspiration all around me, wether it's my family and our beautiful culture or the way my cat dramatically looks in the distance for birds. She is such a character and always keeps me conpany while I paint. I also think that Oregon's beautiful nature is so inspiring and you might catch a glimpse of familiar place in my digital originals." 

For now, Alvarez is an art student who's main goal is to eventually teach everything she's learned throughout the years. This dream comes from her favorite high school art teacher, Victoria Eastwood, as well as so many incredible teachers she's had throughout her life. 

Thank you for reading and supporting dayalines' work. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.